Kits to Convert Bikes to Electric: The ENDURO Geared Motor Hub

Hub Motor Kits power the bike using a hub motor built into the bicycle wheel.

ENDURO Motor with Rim and SapimTM Spokes

                            ENDURO Motor Kit with Triangle Battery Bag
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The Planetary Gear Drive

The ENDURO is a High Power, High Torque, Geared Hub Motor intended for Bicycle wheels from 20 to 700C. Rated Output is typically between 1400W to 2200W depending upon the motor winding (described below) selected and the operating voltage. Composite Gears are now standard on the motors to ensure a long trouble free life. The gear reduction allows the motor to spin at a higher and more efficient rpm, greatly improving the starting torque and hill climbing ability when compared Direct-Drive motors, while also being smaller and lighter. The clutch offers minimal drag when not under power. Unlike the majority of geared motors on the market, the ENDURO motor is built for the high power demands of the US market, not the highly restricted EU market. The slower wound versions could still be used and stay within the EU speed limit, for those requiring more hill climbing ability than the typical 250W-500 watt motors.

  • Power: 1400W-2200W @20-40 amp.
  • Top Speed: 28 mph @ 36 volts 25 amp. 35 mph @ 48 volts 25 amp. 45mph+ @ 72 volts. Running motor @ 72 volts is not recommended except for 20 inch wheels @25amp. where speeds will be 35 mph or less.
  • Hill climbing ability: 30 degree hills (very steep!) w/ appropriate torque model motor
  • Cruise control: optional
  • Rider weight capacity: 286 lbs.
  • Motor diameter: 7.5"
  • Motor weight: 4.3 kg or 9.5 lbs
  • 4 Motor Models: Speed 2200W, Cruiser 2000W, Torque 1800W, High-Torque 1400W

    ENDURO Motor in Rear Wheel

The ENDURO motor uses a 32 magnet, 16 pole motor unlike the vast majority of geared motors on the Market, which use an 8 pole motor. The rear motor allows both disk brake and 6-10 speed freewheel to be used on the standard 135mm dropout, which many of the small 250W geared motors cannot achieve. This is their internally geared hub motor that allows the motor to spin about 5 times faster than the axle. This has many benefits compared to direct drive hub motors that spin the axle at motor speed. Electric motors are more efficient and torquey when they spin at higher RPMs. This motor has the power of direct drive motors twice its size. It weighs just 9.5 lbs and is only 7.5" in diameter.

This kit is sold with a rim that is compatible with most standard wheel widths. (Please contact us if you need something more narrow or wider). After order, plan for a couple weeks for the kit to ship to us before we can convert your bike or ship the kit to you. Call or e-mail to see what we have available in our shop right now!

Thicker axles, larger gauge wiring, disc brake compatibility front and rear, total free-wheeling, light weight, and several models and windings. It is all here. ENDURO geared motors offer the best price-to-performance value in the market!

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ElectroRide Ultra are Durable and Compact--65Amps continuous!

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*Battery sizes are also available at similar cost up to 15-17 Ah in Shark Style Case, but with lower current 35-45 Amp instead of 65 Amp.
Custom battery sizes are available on request.
*Range Estimates for batteries above assume 80% max discharge for longevity,
and are based on optimal conditions: FLAT ground, 170 lb. rider @20 MPH steady cruise.
**Pedaling can as much as double your range in some cases**

A Guide to Choosing your Kit

System Volts Amps Watts

6T Top Speed
High Speed Motor
26" Wheel Build

8T Top Speed
Cruiser Motor
26" Wheel Build

10T Top Speed
High Torque Motor
26" Wheel Build

12T Top Speed
Ultra High Torque Motor
26" Wheel Build

3730 37V 30A 1110W 30mph
Flat terrain only
Flat to moderate hills
Hill climbing,heavy bikes
Pedicabs, cargo bikes
Cool Motor/Controller
5230 52V 30A 1560W 40mph
Flat terrain only
Flat to moderate hills
Hill climbing, heavy bikes
Pedicabs, cargo bikes

System Volts Amps Watts

6T Top Speed
High Speed Motor
20" Wheel Build

8T Top Speed
Cruiser Motor
20" Wheel Build

10T Top Speed
High Torque Motor
20" Wheel Build

3730 37V 30A 1110W 24mph
Flat to moderate hills
Hill climbing
Hill climbing,heavy bikes
5230 52V 39A 1560W 32mph
Flat to moderate hills
Hill climbing
Hill climbing, heavy bikes

This is the V3 Direct Plug-in Cycle Analyst with Speedometer Pickup (CA3-DPS) for Geared and Mid-Drive Motors.
This model directly integrates with the controllers in the shopping cart above. Click here for more info on CA V3.

    Motor in Front 20" Rans Recumbent Wheel

    Motor in Rear 20" Tadpole Wheel

*DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE NUTS on the AXLE! This WILL strip the axle bolts.
*Sapim 13 gauge spokes custom cut by Phil Wood.
*Re-true spokes (if necessary) within the first 200 miles of use to ensure long lifetime of ANY wheel build.
*Freewheels all come with 11T for max pedal assist speed. For even higher pedal assist speed consider Schlumpf 60T or 65T front chain ring.
*We have fit all rear frames so far with 8, 9, and even 10 speed freewheels. If needed, a simple washet or the disc spacer may be used to create more space for larger freewheels.
*Make sure your fork is strong enough for front hubs, (test with magnet or ask a bike shop). We are not responsible for broken forks.
*Torque arms are required for safety in front hubs. Rear hubs should not require torque arm but it is still recommended.
*NEVER mount controllers inside a bag or box. Controllers have fins on them so they can be air cooled and they are sealed to protect them from the elements.
*Range estimate for batteries assumes a safe 70% depth discharge, NO PEDAL assist, and level terrain. Pedaling will increase range.
*We UNDERESTIMATE the range on purpose. Maximum range should be determined by monitoring Volts and Amps Hours on the Cycle Analyst or other E-Display, not miles.
*Take only short trips for first few charge cycles. Batteries that are new or have not been used for a while are unbalanced, so a "break in" period will increase performance and lifetime.

Restocking fee of up to 20% can be applied to cancelled orders depending on time spent in integration testing.
Exchanges may be exempt from this fee depending on situation.

Wheel build cost can not be refunded once completed--most need to be rebuilt for another customer. If any portion of kit has been shipped, this shipping can not be refunded.
Product needs to be shipped back in good/new condition for any partial refund.