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Why Build From A Kit? (Thanks to BugE.)
  • You will be part of the change you want to see in the world.
  • You can build it your way, customized to suit yourself.
  • You save money by building it yourself.
  • You will make a statement for Transportation Independence from Global Corporate Domination
  • You will support innovative community based alternative businesses.
  • Like anything you do for yourself…its empowering.
  • You will learn how it works and what makes it “tick”.
  • It's a great project to share with your friends.
  • You can sell them, earn money and demonstrate alternative transportation.
  • You can build it at your pace to your budget.
  • You take ownership to a new level.
  • It's done when you say its done!
  • And its fun.

LEV Kits from R. Q. Riley

Robert Q. Riley Enterprises offers some of the world's most exciting projects that you can build from plans. Our projects are designed to the highest quality standards. Most of our plans were first distributed exclusively by either Popular Mechanics, Mechanix Illustrated, or Home Mechanix magazine, and nearly 500,000 are in the hands of satisfied enthusiasts around the world.

UrbaTrike (red with 1970's style rider) cruises at 55 mph and runs 50 miles on its eight 6-volt golf car batteries. It was featured in Mechanix Illustrated magazine. Plans include 10 large drawings and a 22-page booklet.

The Trimuter (arrowhead shaped) was featured on the cover of Mechanix Illustrated magazine, February 1980, and used as a background vehicle in the movie Total Recall.

The XR-3 (two wheels in front) is latest and best design in Riley's series. It is a three-wheeled, high mileage diesel-electric plug-in hybrid. Plans, Instructions, and Design Details at http://rqriley.com/xr3.htm

Robert Q. Riley Enterprises, P.O. Box 14465, Phoenix, AZ 85063, 623-872-8010, http://rqriley.com/plans.html


The design goal was to create a simple, low cost personal mobility vehicle that could function in a four-season environment on city streets. The vast majority of vehicle trips are local (20 miles or less) by one person. A small battery pack is adequate for these short trips and re-charging opportunities are available everywhere within the gird, from every outlet. Every convenience store is a power station. Energy efficiency is 1 cent per mile. A light-weight vehicle is suitable for many short trips within the community provided if offers some minimum features typically not found on two wheeled bicycles and scooters:

  • Cargo capacity (two bags of groceries)
  • Stability (three wheels)
  • Visibility in traffic (Fairing shell)
  • Weather protection (wind and rain)
To achieve these design goals, a three wheeled Cyclecar stance (two wheels in front, one in rear) was chosen to provide the most stable configuration. As such, the vehicle is licensed and insured as a motorcycle and would meet D.O.T. standards for this vehicle class. All controls are handlebar mounted and hand operated. A single piece fairing provides wind and weather protection, yet tilts forward to allow easy access and exit. The open sides eliminate the need for opening windows or doors yet permit hand and arm access to mail boxes, drive up windows etc. The fairing also reduces aerodynamic drag significantly, while increasing visual mass and presence in traffic. The driver sits at automotive height with other drivers, yet the smaller vehicle footprint creates more maneuvering room within the traffic lane. A smaller footprint also makes parking easy - and available in small parking spots not available to cars.

Check out these educational and entertaining good reasons to BugE.

How far it will go depends on many factors, but generally you could expect (with a full charge and level terrain, no stop and go) 20 miles @ 40 mph, 30 miles @ 30 mph, 40 miles @ 20 mph. The BugE has only 75 part numbers and 7 major components, and weighs only 350 lbs. Get answers to your questions at BugE FAQs, BugE Specifications, BugE Owner's Manuas, and BugE videos.

The BugE kit will sell for approx. $4000. Learn more about kit options and pricing.

Designed and built by Blue Sky Design, 49 N. 2nd St., Creswell, Oregon 97426, 541-895-5421, http://bugev.net/

You can buy an assembled BugE from Harvey Coachworks & EV, 2130A Jefferson Pike, Knoxville, MD 21758, (Toll Free) 877-749-9730, http://www.harveyev.com/bugE/index.shtml

If you are interested in building or modifying Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, check out the online forum: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NEVs

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