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Neighborhood Electric Vehicles: Intro
Intro Golf Cars (20 mph) Low Speed Vehicles (25 mph) Utility Vehicles Legal Information

NEVs come in two speeds: golf cars are limited to speeds under 20 mph while low-speed vehicles (as defined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) are capable of up to 25 mph. Low-speed vehicles must have seatbelts, windshields, turn signals, headlights, brake lights and other safety equipment that golf cars don't require. NEVs are designed to be used in residential areas with low density traffic and low speed zones. With a top speed of 25 mph, low-speed vehicles can be used on streets with a posted 35 mph speed limit or less. Some local jurisdictions (e.g. Palm Springs) also allow golf cars on public streets. When driven on public streets, a driver's license is required.

Why would I want an NEV?

  • It's logical. Sixty five percent of U.S. families own a second car, yet over 50 percent of urban trips last less than ten minutes perfect for NEVs. Eighty percent of all trips are within 10 miles or less in a traditional automobile resulting in cold running motors that translate into excessive engine wear and more pollutants. NEVs are the right "tool" for most of our transportation jobs.
  • It's easy! Say goodbye to annoying lines at the pump, oil stains, tune-ups, oil changes, radiator coolant, emissions tests, muffler replacements, transmission woes, and many other common headaches of today's "modern" combustion automobile.
  • It's economical! NEVs offer an alternative to a second car -- initial purchase price, maintenance, insurance and cost of operation represent a very real and stylish alternative to a traditional gas-powered automobile for those around-the-neighborhood trips.

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