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Current offerings in the NEV class include:

Also, see off-road electric utility vehicles (10 - 40 mph).

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Global Electric Motor Cars (GEM)

Global Electric Motor Cars (GEM) have the vehicle of future - right now. It can drive for 30 miles at speeds up to 25 mph...about a penny a mile...and, yes, it's a golf car too. It has a changeable cargo module in the back which allows you to carry golf clubs or change it to a cargo bin. This electric car plugs into a regular 110 volt outlet, has it's own onboard charger and charges in 8 hours.

The GEM is actually a 'Multipurpose Neighborhood Electric Vehicle' equipped with 4 wheel hydraulic brakes, a safety glass windshield with wiper and three-point anchored seatbelts. It stands as tall a a minivan and the swept-back windshield gives great visibility. Standard features include headlight, brake lights and turn signals. You can also get enclosures to protect against wind, sun and rain. Seats two comfortably. Also comes in two versions of flatbeds and a 2-person model.

Global Electric MotorCars, 3601 7th Avenue NW, Fargo, ND 58102
(owned by Daimler-Chrysler) Headquarters/Factory: 701-232-2500
Sales: 248-848-9418, Fax: 248-848-9098

Find a dealer at http://www.gemcar.com/asp/locateadealer.asp

Columbia® ParCar® Corp.

Building on the success of Columbia's Eagle line of passenger vehicles, Columbia recently unveiled its newly designed Summit line of vehicles - which were designed to provide the ultimate Low Speed Vehicle experience. In addition to the great features of the Eagle, like a lifetime frame warranty, reliable performance, and Golf, Community and Neighborhood Electric Vehicle configurations the Summit is able to offer much more&ldots;

The ACE Plus drive system puts the following advanced technology to work for you:

An integral tubular steel frame and solid roof provide the Summit with classic automotive appearance and safety. When standard adjustable seats and automotive style differential are combined with available safety belts the Summit really begins to resemble the type of vehicle with which it is meant to share the road.

Easy to reach and understand operator controls, turn signal, safety directional key switch, accelerator, brake pedal, parking brake and high/low speed switch make the Summit a Joy to drive.

Available in two different configurations for two or four passengers the Summit will move you, your friends, your family, and your stuff any where you want to go.

The Summit comes standard in one of four colors; optionally it can be painted any color you choose. Likewise, the interior upholstery can be any one of several material types and colors. With other options like simulated wood grain dash, aluminum wheels, locking glove box, comfort grip steering wheels and so much more it is up to you to decide which of the hundreds of option combinations is for you.

Available from:
Columbia® ParCar® Corp., 350 N. Dewey Avenue, Reedsburg, WI 53959, Toll Free 800-222-4653, 608-524-8888, http://www.parcar.com/passenger/summit.html

Dynasty Electric Car Corp.

IT (Innovative Transportation) is a product of Dynasty Electric Car Corporation, a leader in the development of advanced, Innovative Transportation products designed to meet your specific needs. Dynasty's history of staying close to the customer has spurred the development of innovative vehicle styling and design, responsive and effective after-sales and service support. Add to that, experience in state-of-the-art computer engineering and implementation of world class manufacturing processes and you have a formula for product success. Click here to learn more.

IT is battery powered and is easily recharged by plugging into any standard 110-volt wall outlet. Fully charged, IT can travel at full speed for up to 30 miles/50 kilometers. IT drives like any other vehicle, without the noise, smell and pollution of a standard internal combustion engine. Plugging in overnight ensures that you will have hours of trouble-free driving.

Dynasty Electric Car Corp Ltd., 591 Chester Road, Delta, BC, Canada, V3M 6G7
Telephone: 604-526-6060, Email: sales@itiselectric.com

Available from:

ZENN Motor Company
Itís a car. Itís a choice. Itís a new state of driving.

Introducing ZENNô the zero-emission, no-noise, luxury neighborhood electric vehicle from Feel Good Cars.

Thereís nothing hypothetical about it; ZENN is here and ready for the road. Itís the most sophisticated vehicle in its class: safe, stylish and extremely environmentally friendly ó producing absolutely no exhaust emissions whatsoever. One hundred percent electrically powered, ZENN saves a fortune in fuel and other operational expenses while providing all the comfort of traditional automotive design.

What sets ZENN apart from the crowd? Unlike other neighborhood electric vehicles, it has the form and features of a real car: itís a fully-enclosed, three-door hatchback with a performance-proven, steel-reinforced body. That translates into a tremendous safety advantage.

ZENN not only looks like a car; it performs like one, too. Equipped with front-wheel drive, brisk acceleration and capable of achieving a regulated maximum speed of 25 mph (40 km/h), it keeps pace with traffic on local streets to get you where youíre going safely and in good time. And ZENNís battery efficiency gives you the freedom to cover a lot of ground: The 2008 achieves 30 to 50 miles per charge.

At the same time, ZENN delivers the environmental advantages of an electric vehicle, generating zero greenhouse-gas emissions. Compare that to the 657 pounds of regulated tailpipe emissions produced by the typical gas-powered car every year. The 2008 ZENN is CARB certified and has been indpendently tested through NEV America.

And ZENN is protected by a comprehensive one-year warranty, the best on the market for its class. That warranty is backed by our commitment to fully support ZENN owners, day in and day out.

The ZENN provides features and comfort which is comparable to a conventional auto including power windows, power locks, remote keyless entry, wipers, defrost, heater and panoramic sunroof, yet it is surprisingly affordable. The 2008 ZENN features an AC motor for improved range and better performance on variable terrain. Several features which were previously options are standard equipment in 2008. With a quiet efficient electric motor, no oil changes or filters, and no emission tests or inspections, ZENN lets you drive worry-free with a minimum of maintenance hassle and expense. See an overview of the ZENN's Features at http://www.zenncars.com

The ZENN carries two passengers and includes 13 cubic feet of storage space. It provides up to 35 miles of travel on a single charge and can be recharged anywhere from a standard electrical outlet. Youíll be ready to go in as little as 4 hours for just pennies per mile Ė making ZENN the most economical automobile for urban transportation requirements.

Recently named Best Urban Vehicle at the Michelin Bibendum Challenge in 2006, ZENN performed exceptionally well in all categories including acceleration, braking, power consumption and noise level.

Find a local dealer at:

Miles ZX40S

Miles Automotive Group, a Los Angeles-based company dedicated to developing safety conscious zero-emissions electric vehicles. After an investment of over 10 million dollars, Miles Automotive Group has now proudly engineered a line of low speed all-electric vehicles and anticipates the introduction of high speed zero-emissions all-electric vehicles by late 2008.

The Miles Electric Vehicles ZX40S is a subcompact electric car built by a subsidiary of the First Automobile Works in Tianjin, China. The car is a licensed version of the Japanese Daihatsu Move minicompact that has sold 500,000 gas-powered models in Europe.

It uses a 72-volt system electronically speed-limited to 25mph. It is powered by a single electric motor, which produces 4.2 kW (5.6 hp) and uses a 150-amp-hour battery pack. The car's on-board charger uses a standard 110-volt 20-amp outlet. An empty battery fully charges in six hours, but only two to three hours are needed to charge it fully if the car is less than 80% empty. The ZX40 can travel up to 64 km (40 mi) at speeds up to 40 km/h (25 mph). It is a 2- or 4-seat car and is DOT-approved for street use.

Learn more at www.milesev.com or www.CleanVehiclesNY.com

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"Bigman" LSV is perfect for airports, theme parks, zoos/aquariums, rental operations, recreational resorts, colleges/universities, Army/Navy/Air Force Bases and Complexes!

"Bigman" is a five passenger zero-emissions electric vehicle traveling up to 25 miles per hour. Its DC 48 Volt connected to a standard 110 outlet charger, requires a charging time of only 10 hours and zooms up to 75 miles between charges - a proven test performance. They also offer a shorty utility version.

With a key controlled fully automatic transmission, rack and pinion automotive steering, all-wheel braking system, and so many other features, "Bigman" provides all of the luxuries of a full sized automobile as well as the basic safety features including seatbelts. However, "Bigman" unmatched design is its key to convenience for industrial and recreational use.

Standard Options

Available from:
Bigman, Alva, OK 73717, 877-4BIGMAN, http://www.bigmanev.com

Wheelz of Celebration

Among their offering of NEVs are custom models that include the Summit, California Roadster, California Roadster Limo, and e-Ride Electric Vehicle (pictured here). For more information, see http://wheelzofcelebration.com/products2.html

Available from:
Wheelz of Celebration, 741 Front Steet, Ste. 140, Celebration, FL, 407-566-1151, http://wheelzofcelebration.com

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