ElectroRideTM e-MotorScooter 800+ mpgE
ElectroRideTM e-MotorScooter 800+ mpgE
Electric MotorScooter Silver Quality, Range and Performance

Starting at Only $2899.

60V MotorScooter

Motor 2000W -- can be customized
Battery: 60V 30AH Silicon Crystal Battery. Weight 110 lbs.
Max speed: 34-37 mph       
Range: 54 miles @ 25 mph;        
Climbing capacity >25 degree hill        
Weight Capacity: 330 lbs        

Body and Frame
All the outer body parts are ABS
Double electrostatic spraying, will not rust     
Motorcycle standard frame; ALL EEC DOT standard. 
Weight of MotorScooter is 190 lbs without batteries. 

Brakes and Tires
Front Hydraulic Disc brake; Rear Cable Drum Brake        
Tire size: 10''x3.0 F. 10''x3.5 R.        

Dual mirrors/front light/reflector/tail light/blinkers/meter/horn        
Rear Trunk Included        
Tool kit included        

Shipping Information

Gross/Net Weight 60V Silicon: 345lbs/300lbs         
Gross/Net Weight 72V Silicon: 365lbs/320lbs;        
Volume 1.5CMB        
Packaged with iron frame + carton for safe shipping;         
Electric MotorScooter Green
Electric MotorScooter Gold
Electric MotorScooter Black

Sale Price $2899.00

Reg. Price $3499  

Electric MotorScooter In Italian Store Front
Window Display of e-MotorScooter 800+ mpgE from Italian Store Front

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