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Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2003 00:16:08 -0000
From: "divorcethecar"
Subject: Best way to appreciate an EGO2 scooter...

Best way to appreciate an EGO2 scooter...is to ride a different brand. Then, you'll really appreciate what a great job Jim Hamann and his brillant team executed in the Ego-2. ... The EGO CYCLE 2 imho wins top honors in power, braking, style, power-to-price ratio and carrying ability.

Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2003 07:02:56 -0000
From: "evidenceplease "
Subject: 6-month eGO2 user review

Overall, in my opinion, this electric scooter/bike deserves to be considered a major design success. Here's my Opinion Summary on this US-designed, Taiwan-made electric scooter:

* Hill-climbing power: Excellent
* Ride quality on roadways: Average
* Practicality for 5-12 mile commuting: Excellent
* Quality of components: Very Good
* Warranty Support: Very Good
* Safety Features: Excellent
* Off-road usability: Not Suitable
* Balance and Stability: Excellent
* Riding Fun: Very Good
* "Wow" (envy?) Factor: Excellent

What I Added/Will Add Later:

1) A rear-fender extension to prevent mud from being thrown up.
2) Glued a piece of plastic to divert rain from the deck and fender from flowing into the belt drive.
3) A shock seatpost with longer travel.
4) A ($15) "Air Zounds 2" air-horn. Available at Mountain Equipment Coop ("MEC").
5) "Mega Gel Saddle" ($20) sold under the CCM or Velo label.
6) Soneil battery charger with its battery-saving desulfation circuit.


Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 17:14:27 -0000
From: "evidenceplease "
Subject: Unique Advantages of the eGO2 [Review]

Further to my prior post (8-month Review of the "eGO Cycle 2" electric scooter sold by www.egovehicles.com, here are additional user comments:

1) The eGO2 can be ridden sitting or standing up
2) The cargo rack takes standard bicycle panniers or a saddlebag
3) The seatpost is a common 25.4mm size
4) A Soneil charger can be used as it has an external charging port in addition to its internal charger
5) The "life-saving" Air Zounds air horn bottle is easily installed on the handlebar stem (IMHO every cyclist should have this horn)
6) Having a "Go Far" and a "Go Fast" mode is akin to having two scooters, useful for different terrains
7) The headlight is quite powerful
8) The LED rear light is incredibly bright - I was stopped by motorists with glowing comments (pardon the pun) about how great looking it was
9) Several people alledged (I denied) I bought it as a "chick magnet"; one stranger bought me lunch in exchange for telling him more about it

Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 17:14:20 -0000
From: "vancyclist"
Subject: Ego Cycle vs. Electric Bike - Comments & Review

There was a query here about the Ego-2 which I've ridden several times. Here are my opinions ...

Riding the Ego2 is a lot safer and feels much more fun on S-curves and corners. In emergency situations, the Ego's low center of gravity makes for great handling compared to any ebike.

Must be seen to be appreciated. Especially on dark, rainy nights!
This is BMW-class rear lights, to say it simply.

If you run out of juice, you're not going to be able to pedal the Ego-2 home. However, it has a built-in charger and uses common computer electric cords.

If you're in the Witness Protection Program, the Ego electric bike is not for you because you'll be making a friend a minute on the boulevard. The drawback is speed. Unless you pretend you didn't hear total strangers offering to buy it from you, you could be going less than walking speed.

Even without bike pedals.

If the rear V-brake isn't clamping down correctly, see if the right and left brakes have the necessary spacers.

Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 15:51:14 -0400
From: "Ken Trough"
Subject: RE: eGO ergonomics??

The eGO is very ergonomic. If you don't like the stock handlebars, it is very easy to change them to another style. I use "ape hangers" and I have seen others that use BMX style bars.

The lack of a throttle neutral coasting position is a "safety feature" that insures that you cannot coast the unit too fast creating a situation where you could not stop safely. The regen will kick in at 20mph and will allow you to max out at about 30mph on a steep hill. If you want to go faster, there are many upgrade paths. The eGO is very suitable for many riders. Anyone who can handle a bicycle can handle the eGO just fine, IMHO.

-KT Roughneck, Outlaw Turbologist
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