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Electric Scooters: Best Buys
Intro Buying E-Scoots & the Law

Scooters we rate as "Best Buys" offer superior value resulting from a combination of factors:

  • manufacturer's number of years in the U. S. electric scooter market;
  • solid company (experience, resources, and commitment) behind the e-scooter;
  • quality and performance;
  • after-sale service and support;
  • innovation or niche-market appeal.

For most people, top speed is less important than range and reliability. Although scooter speed, range and weight vary, all three correlate well with with one another (that is all three go up or down together) - and are inversely proportional to portability. So, we've ranked our Best Buys by weight/portability with the smaller/lighter/slower scooters at the top:

Trikke Pon-e

Get into the fold with this unique, one button, click and fold electric bike that is perfect for commuters, campers and city folks who have limited space but are looking for something that is fun, easy to ride and that will easily store in a closet or tuck into the trunk of a car. Speed: 16-18 miles per hour for about 20 miles.

There is also the inexpensive Trikke Colt, which is 24V 250W with 24V 9Ah lead acid battery.

Trikke Colt: $600
Trikke Pon-e 36V: $1700
Trikke Pon-e 48V: $2300
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The Go-Ped® "Electric Speed Racer" ESR scooters are simply in a class of their own. No scooter in the market comes close to the combination of power, performance, stylish design and renowned Go-Ped® Perfection. The durability, reliability, and American class without compromising on details combines with a compact, light and foldable design to make these the ultimate electric scooters. All three models offer these features:


  • Electric Motor - It is equipped with a robust and well proven DC brush type motor with “Electro Head” finned heat sink that is capable of producing over 1HP in continuous operation and reaching top speed of over 20mph, while offering thrilling acceleration. The high output makes it the most unique scooter able to tackle steep hills with ease.
  • Electronic Controller – The Go-Ped® ESR electronic power controller is a sophisticated and proprietary pulse width modulated design. The Go-Ped® ESR750 is the only electric scooter of its kind equipped with an advanced computerized variable speed and programmable controller. With a wide variety of EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) programmable functions, it gives users the freedom to not only do on board diagnostics but also customize performance to you specifications.
  • Dual Performance Modes - The operator can chose the "Econo" or "Turbo" performance mode on the throttle control to either go "twice as far, half as fast", or "twice as fast, half as far", providing users with absolute control over their choice of speed and range. Econo Mode: 8+ miles. Turbo Mode: 5 miles
  • On Board Charger - The Go-Ped® ESR 750 has a very efficient on board "Smart Charger" to quickly, safely and fully recharge batteries using a separate charging cord to any 110v or 220v household power outlet worldwide.
  • Battery Pack - The Go-Ped® ESR 750 uses four 12 volt SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries. Two on each bank of the pan are wired in series, and each bank is wired in parallel to create an effective 24 volt, power supply capable of over 400 complete charge/discharge cycles.
  • Transmission - Power to the rear wheel is through a #25 lubricated chain and strong, well-built yet simple manual chain adjuster. The standard front/rear sprocket ratio is 15/76 and allows for free wheeling and modifications to many available ratio combinations.
  • Chassis and Frame - The patented single tube frame/chassis is based on the cantilevered aircraft grade chromoly carbon steel frame so well proven by the lightest and highest performing racing Go-Peds. This oversized Go-Ped® renowned quality frame also incorporates the motor and simultaneously serves as a heat sink to help dissipate the heat generated by the motor, which offers top reliability and range design benefit. Scooter weight = 52 lbs., Maximum load = 400 lbs. Colors: candy apple red or gloss black. Available options include seat and basket.
  • Wheels (750 and 750EX) - The polished wheels are made of strong, but very light weight cast Magnesium alloy, and have very low rolling resistance "TT" style treaded pneumatic tires, 10 inches in diameter, which contributes to the most comfortable ride.

From the exceptional braking performance provided by the Mad Dog Brakes to the ultimate ground clearance and low center of gravity, the Go-Ped® ESR750 is just a unique gliding machine, abounding in high quality and safety features, for which the California Go-Ped® brand is so renowned.

Sport model: Utilizing the original best selling Sport Go-Ped® design, it is now smaller, lighter (45 lbs.) and lower cost. Uses 6" no-flat tires rather than the 10" Pneumatic tires on the ESR 750 and ESR 750 Hoverboard.

GoPed ESR750H Hoverboard® is based on the highly regarded, time tested and award winning GoPed ESR750EX , but incorporating the amazing Cantilevered Independent Dynamic Linkless Indespension (C.I.D.L.I.) suspension system featured on our highly successful off road products.

Find more information on all Go-Ped scooters, and Go-Ped ESR Specifications at: http://goped.com/scooters/all-scooters/
For a full listing of features and options, visit http://goped.com/esr750/

Prices: $700-$850 Sport Models, $1300-$1600 ESR750 models. Many other models are available.

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Currie Technologies, making electric bikes and kits since 1997, now offers a range of scooters. Generally limited to a maximum speed of 15 mph, these scooters have been the "Chevy" of the industry since first introduced - nothing fancy, just inexpensive reliable transportation. Their brushed motors are sealed with an external controller in the battery compartment. The pulse-width modulated (PWM) controllers protect your investment: low voltage battery protection, motor overheat protection, peak amperage protection, stall protection, and maximum speed protection. They're programmed to be rather tame, so don't expect rapid acceleration. Most Currie scooters include an easy-on, easy-off seat assembly. For several years Currie has produced scooters bearing labels of other companies and sold them through big-box retailers. Here are some guidelines for shopping:

  • Currie manufactures similar scooters under the Schwinn, GT, Mongoose, and EZIP labels; scooter weights range from 50 to 90 lbs.
  • Look for scooters with both front and rear brakes.
  • The power of the motors range from 400 to 1000 watts, which is adequate for most people on most terrain.
  • Motor power makes a difference in climbing hills and hauling big people (or multiple small people); bigger is better.
  • Motor power makes no difference in top speed, but does support speed/gearing modifications); bigger is better.
  • More or bigger batteries means longer range; expect 5-8 miles with the basic battery pack (consisting of two 12V 10Ah batteries).

The leading U.S. manufacturer of electric bikes and scooters, Currie Technologies offers electric scooters through independent dealers, on-line sellers, and big-box retailers. Since the late 90's, Currie has built and sold LEVs under their own labels (Currie, IZIP, EZIP) and for other OEMs (GT, Mongoose, and Schwinn). Generally, their EZIP line goes through big-box retailers (like Walmart) and on-line sellers.

Currie scooters include a variable-speed motor drive, battery pack, battery charger, and six-month warranty. Over the past few years, the company has revamped their product offerings. For details on current products, visit the TheSuperKids.com Website.

Prices range from $130 to $600.

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Earth friendly. Urban mobility. Lots of fun.

Fun toy or serious "green" transportation? Combine the two with the various E-Bikeboard models.

The E-Bikeboard’s combined steering and spring rear suspension is designed for carving great turns. Its folding design makes it easy to store when not in use.

The E-Bikeboard carries its two easily-removeable rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries at the front fork. The pair of 24 volt, 10 ampere-hour LiPO batteries power the 500- or 1000-watt hub motor that’s also mounted in the front fork of the Bikeboard. The result is virtually silent and emissions-free transport for up to 30 miles on one battery charge. Depending on the model, the Electric-Bikeboard has a top speed of 15, 19 or 22 mph.

The carving ability of the E-Bikeboard is determined by the springset you order: stiff, medium or carve like crazy. Most security guards who must frequently stop and stand choose the stiff springs. Braking is by twin disk brakes in the rear and a V-brake in front. Speed and braking are controlled by grips on the handlebar. The whole thing weighs 66 pounds (or less for the S500) including batteries.

LED lights - for the headlight, taillight and brake light - are connected to main batteries. The lock and security system uses a remote control key system. The price of an E-Bikeboard is just under $2,500 and it can be operated on a few cents of electricity a day.

Options include:

  • 500- or 1000-watt motor
  • larger wheels for rough terrain
  • hard-shell storage case with generous 7 gallon capacity
  • removeable seat
  • rear-view mirror
  • mudguards/fenders for rear wheels
  • rigged for the golf course or security patroling
  • choice of three spring tensions

Originally designed and built in Switzerland, E-Bikeboards are now assembled in the United States and distributed and sold worldwide. Click to see the various models.

Click to see the informative pictures and videos.

Available from:

Falcon Hummer

The Falcon Hummer is the first compact scooter in the business to offer room for 2 riders!!

These scooters are made for older teens and adults who want reliable short-to-medium range transportation that is not limited by hills. This is the first compact scooter in the business to offer room for 2 riders! The Falcon Hummer scooter is street legal and complies with European EEC and USA DOT guidelines (headlight, brake light, and turn signals). Built in Taiwan, known for quality manufacturing, the Falcon's unique updated RODAN controller technology provides real performance and greatly increased hill climbing. The specially designed instrument panel (with mileage and level-of-charge indicator) shows the current speed, distance traveled and remaining power level in your battery.

This is a heavy duty electric scooter capable of traveling at 40 mph with a 375-lb. rider, or for ranges up to 20 - 25 miles at slower speeds. This scooter really can handle two riders (total weight of 400 lbs.) with no problem! The key to such performance is a 5000-watt motor combined with 225-amp controller. Range comes from a 24V/40Ah battery supply which is 3 - 4 times larger than most scooters! Easily handles most off road conditions. Features include full suspension, front disk brake, wide flat-proof tires, and fast charger that fills up the battery in 4 hours or less. Quiet belt drive includes automatic belt tensioner for 4X longer belt life. The Falcon Hummer can run on 1 or 2 battery packs. Comes with a full one year warranty.

Falcon Hummer offers detailed information thumbnail links to large photos of details at: http://www.falconev.com/Forsen.html

Available from:

eGO Cycle 2 (Classic, LX and SE)

Not quite a bike, scooter, or moped, but the best of all three.

The eGO Cycle 2 is easy to ride like a bicycle, designed to get the job done, and built to last.

The eGO chassis is sculpture in motion. Precision tooled T6000 aircraft-grade aluminum is precisely aligned and TIG welded into an incredibly strong yet arrestingly beautiful monocoque chassis with room inside to hold batteries, electronics, and drive components. The chassis is heat treated, sand blasted and silver anodized for strength, scratch resistance and exceptional durability.

The eGO Cycle 2 comes in three versions - Classic, LX and SE. The eGO Classic is perfect for casual commuters, errand runners and for RV users. The eGO LX and SE are designed for daily commuters and errand runners who will be driving in moderate to heavy traffic. The LX and SE are fully equipped for registration in any state and includes front and rear turn signals, left grip lighting, turn signal and horn controls, backlit speedometer/odometer. The SE replaces the LX's spoked wheels by using sleek 5-spoke alloy rims.

All three eGO models can go 23 mph in "Go Fast" mode and up to 25 miles in "Go Far" mode. (Add 50% more range with the Extended Range Battery Pack (XR Pack) accessory.) Acceleration is 0 to 20 mph in less than 4 seconds. Relaxing the throttle automatically activates the regenerative braking feature and brake light. For more stopping power, there's a front disc brake and a rear caliper brake.

Click to watch 3-minute video.

Click here to read quick reviews.

eGO scooters can only be obtained from an authorized dealer as drop-shipping to the customer is prohibited. Assembly involves a few simple steps, and can be accomplished using the tools included with the package. Also, there is an excellent instruction manual describing the assembly procedure and lots of other technical and service information online as well.

eGO Vehicles, LLC offers detailed information about their product at: http://egovehicles.com/egoLX2.php
Be sure to check out their accessories and options.

eGO provides strong on-line support:
     Service Procedures, and Support Documents.

EVdeals offers an extensive report and numerous dynamometer/road tests at:

Retail prices range from $1400 to $2100 + shipping. Available from:


Not quite a bike, scooter, or moped, but a combination of all three.

The Jetson scooter-bike is easier to ride than a bicycle. In fact, don't count on the pedals for locomotion. They work, but only up to about 5 mph.

The Jetson's full suspension, 40-mile range, and two-person carrying capacity make it stand out in a crowd of scooters. A variety of colors helps also.

Retail prices range up to $2000 + shipping. Available from:

"Bargain Buys"

Most scooters priced less than $250 at big box retailers and on-line are aimed at the kid/teen/toy market. They generally lack the performance and durability that people want and expect. Also, parts and service can be problematic with both big box retailers and on-line vendors. We urge you to invest in a scooter that will serve you (and others) for many years. Remember, if it's poorly constructed and you can't get repair parts, it will likely become land-fill material.

Of the many electric scooters available in the U.S. - both poor and good quality - we have selected the following as representative of the best available. At the light/small end are the Viza Volt, Currie and ESR750 scooters which, being small and foldable, easily combine with transportation alternatives. Not-so-portable scooters are more like bicycles when used point-to-point or in conjunction with transit. The eGO, at the big end, is more like a moped.

Performance of any scooter will vary widely depending on various factors: rider weight, tire pressure, hills, wind resistance, etc. (Scooter speed may be the biggest factor in range: a scooter at 10 mph can go 4 times as far as one traveling 20 mph.) For an in-depth look at scooter components, how it all works (including how to calculate and improve range and performance using different battery and controller configurations), assembly, trouble shooting, and maintenance, get the book "Electric Scooters and Beyond".