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Having trouble finding any bike shop willing to work on your electric bike?
Mark Van Loo, in addition to being a regular bike mechanic, has repaired many electric bikes over the past decade or more!

If you are in the San Francisco South Bay Area, Silicon Valley, or Southern Peninsula,
contact him to cover your electric-bike repair needs at:

OR (408) 835-0621.

Mark lives in Palo Alto and works in Sunnyvale.

Mark has worked on a wide variety of light electric vehicles including:
Scooters - ranging from small Currie and Ezip models to moped-like and larger eGo scooters)
Electric Bikes - Currie, Izip, ZAP (with friction drive), Lashout/Rayos, Charger bikes, and others;
Hub Motors - hub-motors like the BMC (brushless/geared), Crystalyte (brushless/ungeared), and the fine BionX out of Canada
Mid-drive Motor Systems - including the Eco-Speed and San Francisco's own Electro-Cycle E-4 kits
for Sun EZ-1 (2-wheel) and EZ-3 (3-wheel) and many other recumbents.
He even rewired a 230-lb. 4-wheel 4-seater surrey with new components to work with the existing pedals and hub motor.


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